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2 de fevereiro de 2012

The Battle of Armageddon The Battle of Armageddon

The Battle of Armageddon The Battle of Armageddon
* Full Transcription and Translation - Zachary Teague
Theme: 2012-2013 2nd part. Text Recorded interview with Prof. Adhemar Ramos, Carlos Torres and Jon Fredi days in Sao Paulo November 8, 2011.

Fredi Jon: Hi surfer friend! We're back here in the house of Professor Ramos Adhemar.Bringing an issue that agent started talking about it, which is 2012 and the entire segment that is apocalyptic, prophecy and such. Agent left this question in the air: the problem of atomic power, which is in the hands of Iran's Middle East.
Carlos Torres, Israel. The United States.
Fredi Jon: So, and this issue is a question that has plagued a bit by the world's population because agents never know what is the real intention of all this. Adhemar that the agent can say?
Carlos Torres: I found it very unpalatable. We were in Israel, is not Adhemar? In 2008 and there in the Valley of Armageddon. She was beautiful places, but little strange ... A Valley ...
Prof. ° Adhemar: Smells death.
Carlos Torres: It smells like death.
Fredi Jon: It smells like death?!
Carlos Torres: It's ... a valley, a plain and has around Mount Tabor, right?
Prof. °: It is! Around the mountains has all the right mountain, Mount Caramel ...
Carlos Torres: Where was the transfiguration of Jesus, then it is a place ...
Prof. °: And has the lot ... Megiddo, which is a very strange lot. Why according to the prophecies, that there is a beast.
Fredi Jon: Oh yeah?
Prof. °: E has two beasts, the beast and the beast greatest lower. The beast is greater under the seas, it is huge, represents the personification of the Antichrist, the embodiment of all evil. Recognized as Neturno in Roman tradition, is known as the Greek tradition CUZIDON CUZIDON. Inta, is this beast that has seven heads and ten horns. It has a name, a lot of blasphemous in over his head, which causes all the evils and misfortunes of all mankind. And the beast is larger it has a lower association with the beast and the beast is exactly in the lower lot Mogido. Well ahead of the battle of Armageddon. Where this is predicted in the valley of Armageddon, the battle of Armageddon occurs. Not that the war will get there, but there will have an important point of the war. There will be a significant point.
Carlos Torres: You said this in 2008 and I got burned and now it is happening.
Prof. °: just that. And the battle of Armageddon, is the great prophecy of the initiation schools, it being all that is sacred text and reads as follows: When the Euphrates dry and red when they are marching on the Euphrates (Euphrates dry). It is a sign then that the battle of Armageddon is in the red curso.Então, who are the red?
Charles and Fred: The Chinese.
Prof. °: The Reds are: Chinese, Iranians, reds are Muslims who use the red flag and all those who are called red right ...
Fredi: Russians.
Prof. °: Russians too. Why have a process agent. The Russians have the red flag but that is not red, but they are red. So when they are marching on the Euphrates dry is the battle of Armageddon. And it is further north and go down to arrive in Israel. And Israel, that name is the name of Jacob is not the name of the Jewish people or the state, is the name of Jacob;
Fredi: Jacob
Carlos, Son of Abraham.
Prof. °: It is one of the kings of Israel, Jacob married Rachel. Jacob And then what happened to Jacob? This is very important because it will be connected with the battle of Armageddon. Because it will be saved 144mil, 144mil but are not Jews. 144mil are descendants of Jacob, and Jacob wrestled all night with God as an angel man and not give up the fight ... and was already dawning to and the angel said, will have to stop. But you're the bravest man I got to know today. He will be so blessed and all your children will be blessed. And he struck Jacob on the thigh and Jacob became lame. That's why the Jews do not eat certain nerve of the thigh of the animals, just for that. And the angel said, your name will be Israel from now on. Israel means God's wrath. Because he showed anger to face God, was the only man he faced Deus.Intão Jacob received a blessing and he had it ... Rachel, his wife was ... was stereo, so he teamed up with sister Zélfa, and had six children, then she gave no further in the choir ... lol. To and merged with the maid of Rachel, Leah, who had two more after the maid Zélfa also had two more. Then God allowed the Light of Rachel, so he had one that was Joseph, the Grand Joseph in Egypt and finally the tiny little one Benjamin. Giving the twelve sons of Jacob, then who is going to be saved at Armageddon? Descendants of the twelve ... descendants of the twelve tribes of Israel, not the people of Israel, not the state of Israel, but Israel Jacob, is not it? It has to be this clear
Fredi Jon: It's different, one from the other.
Prof. °: What happens? Twelve tribes, each of which gives twelve thousand 144 000
Chris: What is the exact size of the temple area ...
Prof. °: Exactly, and that 144 000, will be in Jerusalem, which is very close right? Present in this battle. So will be the winners. What will be invited to the marriage of the Lamb. But all the prophecies speak of it, the Euphrates has dried up.
Chris: has dried up ...
Prof. °: and why? Why Syria diverted to power plants, hydroelectric power plants. Turkey has also diverted the river to make power plants and Iraq then, as was the enemy of both was drying. Euphrates already dry
Chris: since dried up.
Prof. °: this is already part of the prophecy. All that's missing what? Marching up the red in the Euphrates dry, is the battle of Armageddon.
Fred: So what agent can consider? That power will come this way? It will be the Russians ...
Prof. °: most likely, can come from the Ottomans, who are not Arabs, are Turks. May come from other Arab nations and Iran can be too, right? Climbing over her from behind, or it may be Russia or China, are red. But the prophecies say that Russia is involved and that Iran is involved ...
Carlos: Iran is the Achilles heel ....Iran, incurs the wrath of God. All initiation schools say: do not mess with Iran because if you mess with Iran, you will stir the wrath of God. And today what is going on? Israel is threatening Iran is willing to bomb.
Chris: Today is November 8, 2011.
Prof. °: November 8, 2011. There is no threat, there are.
Carlos: tomorrow and Nov. 9.
Prof. °: if this happens it will not be left one stone upon another in the State of Israel. Why Iran is a sacred country, can not mess with Iran
Chris: is the ancient Persia.
Prof. °: Despite the fanaticism, although the ayatollahs have a different attitude. Why is the ancient Persia, all knowledge of medicine, astronomy, chemistry, mathematics, all this came from Persia and that after the Moors brought to the United States of Europe, which was to be turned and turned to Europe and to and Europe's greatness. Iran is sacred, can not mess with mess with Iran if Iran will be the wrath of God.
Chris: But you think that Israel, the DEIJAMIM knows this prophecy? Iran knows it.
Prof. °: The following happens, the people ...
Carlos: because they want that address the real reason?
Prof. °: the Israeli people, not worried about the rest of the other people, never cared, cares about them, is concerned with wealth, with the global financial sector ... Why do they have the pact they made the pact, which is the other people who make a covenant with Yahweh or Jehovah or any other entity? Nobody did, they made the pact. And this is within the covenant of the ark of the covenant is recorded there, registered, is a document
Fredi, began when the pact in a while?
Prof. °: But this covenant not to mix the blood, was made by the people, because ... see, we had a mixture of blood, for example of Solomon. Solomon had seven hundred wives and three hundred concubines and even with the extra cases it was the Queen of SABBAT MINASTEIRA.
Fred: He was good at sugar, huh?
Professor: So, he had a wife of any kind in the world, he mixed the blood, but it's mixed. Moses who was the Great Leader
Carlos: the Hebrew ...
Prof. °: He mixed the blood, because he was married to CÉFORA, who was the black race was the daughter of JETRU who was black, a black priest. So you see, how it works? All mixed blood. The patriarchs mixed blood. Abraham mixed blood because his wife Sarah was barren. So he had to Uni with GAIA, who was Egyptian slave, Blacks, and then Ishmael was born. After Ishmael was born, but God allowed it and stay Fertile heals, he teamed up with Sara and then there is born. the patriarch is not it? Of the Hebrew people.
Carlos: he was the father of three great religions.
Teacher: Yes, Abraham was the great Avatar, which generated all religions and he was the father of Isaac, who gave the twelve tribes.
Chris: Now back to what you said about the twelve tribes, that is. I mean this with Israel against Iran, the battle of Armageddon, a battle would be Karmic, as brothers?
Professor: of brothers! exactly. The brothers will predominate. There are other people, but mostly they are brothers, brothers by his father, by mother, mother's side are different.
Carlos, a son of Abraham was a bastard.
Teacher: Agar Agar and wife was.
Carlos: the mistress of the slave.
Teacher: What is Israel and * GUSTAS was Isaac who is the rightful.
Charles Agar was expelled from the desert ********????
Professor: So the poor *********? not worried about that in a world war of a global catastrophe, if it goes on the web they will play in Iran bomb, bomb will play anywhere because they have the deal they already have .... but only that there is an error there, will be saved not only the people of Israel 144mil but descendants of the tribe since they are chaste and pure also has this condition.
Fred: So're screwed.
Teacher: Where are these men chaste and pure? And women chaste and pure? So it's complicated too, will have to be some special right? The thing is a tricky business. So this battle is a beast that has two horns, which is on Mount Mogido and is in front of the battle of Armageddon. It does everything the beast higher orders, you know? So it is subject to greater beast. But it has great power because it exerts influence on the leaders of nations. This beast that this region is that all people will call for the battle of Armageddon.
Fredi: Adhemar I was wondering if this beast is physical, trans-physical agent is to know?
Teacher: Yes! It would be an expression of the Anti-Christ, a human expression of the Anti-Christ. It's just an expression that will have to take a physical figure. Because it is now a physics lesson. Yes there is a physical being.
Fred: You can define for us who can be that guy?
Teacher: It's hard, it is difficult, but the region has already been given, the country has been given, the site has also been given, it is there! He will appear in this region.
Fred: So look, just so we end this issue of 2012/2013. So you believe all this transformation, ends in March 2013?
Teacher: It's not ... War may be tomorrow, may be in 5 minutes. You can be at any time, need not be in 2013
Chris: they dropped the bomb ....
Teacher: But it is scheduled to happen until 2013. is expected, right? As of March 2013.
Chris: this is a thing of fear in the population.
Fred: It is important to know the staff
Teacher: even with this hits the third prophecy of Fatima. The prophecy of Fatima involves three wars: World War I, when he had the great confusion in Russia. Then came the Second World War bomb which did not appear in Europe, through Europe, but happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki on 6 and 9 August 1945. The third prophecy tells of atomic weaponry, through Europe. I mean, Europe is involved right? Then we have Europe involved in this third prophecy.
Chris: So because I think the war will bring the star they both need to get out of the hole.
Teacher: Yes! To have war, we must have the financial crisis, because as Carlos is the story? All the time? When the money ended up wealth, no money
Carlos: Destroy.
Teacher: Who will get another roba, and ready! It was ever thus. Now, for example, the dollar is worthless, no tie. *** EUROPEP use oil so that everyone bought in U.S. dollars, are also not attending. Not resolved. There was a housing crisis, we warn that six messes before they would happen, there is a lack of tie of the dollar, there is a problem throughout Europe, the Euro is broken, all countries are bankrupt. The truth is that, just that it is not being disclosed. The only solution to solve a general failure, this is war. Because then you fight for the default and default. And Brazil, our leaders say it's alright, nothing's alright! So much so that we are the fourth, the fourth of U.S. creditors, we'll pay a lot, has China, Japan, has ... .. another which is the third and Brazil is the fourth. The third may be to England or another country ....
Fred: He says the thing is pretty ugly, it's all on the sly.
Teacher: Well Ugly. But is it war is being prepared.
Chris: Can you tell.
Teacher: that war is bad, just that it will be a terrible war, because the enemies have weapons. While the former USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) dissolved, atomic lot of equipment, gone!
Fredi: huumm, it is true.
Teacher: And are there who are in Muslim countries, are by countries that are unfriendly to the U.S., the U.S. enemy
Carlos: Iran, Pakistan.
Teacher: Exactly, so we still have nuclear weapons and still take the pain ...
Carlos: You are neutral.
Teacher: It's still neutral, but if it is the side of the china you get there ... we have hundreds of billions of people, you take India takes Pakistan has atomic weapons, take China which has also
Fred: But there it was!
Teacher: It is a violent mess.
Carlos: I want to make clear here that we are promoters of golden era, the era of good.
Teacher: It is!
Carlos: We're talking a little war are omens prophecies are.
Teacher: It's a precaution. Have to use to advantage. But there's good news saw Carlos. All this will happen more in the northern hemisphere.
Chris: Oh yeah, we're lower.
Teacher: We will receive, impacts, we will receive consequences. In the southern hemisphere.
Chris: Yes!
Professor: South America, including Brazil, as reserved, Africa is also a country reserved. That is, countries that were dispossessed, stolen, which were suppressed by the field of the northern hemisphere, they are protected.
Fredi: they are spared for now.
Chris: We know that when a war, many lives are gone. But is not in our hands. Agent has to warn.
Fred: I think our principles here, and put on the agenda, make the knowledge we had brought, which comes with you agent, more is not to scare, frighten. But to the understanding and reasoning about this same issue. Because too much is said Adhemar, the change in direction of the planet.
Teacher: It is the estimate, and complete the first phase of the war, with a seventh of humanity. It will give one million people. It is envisaged. Then comes the consequences of war. Come hungry, war pestilence, revolutions comes the trouble, then spreads ....
Chris: That's where the change comes from the inter-human relationship that changes everything.
Teacher: It changes everything.
Chris: Then the children come and change everything ... So the golden age is coming! But it will have a stone on the way.
Fred: No need to scare people, the business will be ugly (laughs) but recently comes in and the agent will accept the process is not Adhemar? I wanted to talk here with Internauta Adhemar, this question because I think it's important, because it's time the staff really rely on anything, it's a question more ...
Chris: Next!
Fred: No, let him now the message we close this block.
Professor: How important is attitude change, or we have to live already in the new era of love was the joy of health, happiness, prosperity, ethics, morality, justice, is not it? We gotta get out of decay and new values ​​have to live and not get into promiscuity, go there on drugs, corruption, bigotry, individualism, we need to change posture. If we do that, it's a great thing, it's a great solution. This indicates for our internet, and already living in the new era, it was forgotten that this was already gone.
Fred: The old cycle was already buried.
Teacher: once was. Is in the last throes, the last breath of death.
Chris: Do you have to do. It is not because the person will die and will not do, because in a moment who is going to come back here
Fred: We Are! Two left that's good is not Adhemar.
Professor: have our descendants.

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